Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine as a Lifestyle
Traditional Chinese medicine should not be considered an “Alternative” medicine. For millions of healthy people, it is a part of their daily awareness and a lifestyle that prevents illness. Traditional Chinese medicine uses a holistic system of health care which includes acupuncture, acupressure, medical massage, cupping (a method of using heat or vacuum to draw the skin and tissue up into a cup which stimulates the blood flow), moxibustion (a heat treatment using the Chinese herb Artemesia vulgaris), and herbal medicine to restore health and balance to your body, mind and soul.
Ancient Healing Art in Modern Times

In today's society, we are increasingly subjected to daily stresses starting at younger and younger ages. We are also tempted by a tremendous amount of modern foods that are often highly detrimental to health. To sustain daily health, one must learn to make Cherry Blossombetter choices in food and in lifestyle. A visit to your acupuncturist's office helps determine your health pattern according to Traditional Chinese Medicinal Diagnostic Methods. Once your health needs are recognized, a guideline can be drawn out for your body's specific needs in order to keep everything functioning at optimum health. Unlike conventional Western Medicine which has its focus mostly on advanced and effective crisis intervention healthcare, Eastern Medicine emphasizes illness prevention and health maintenance via daily awareness. Therefore, you should not wait until you are sick to go see your acupuncturist.

Take charge of your own well-being and health by nurturing and balancing your body, mind, and spirit. In addition to eating well and doing routine exercises, it is recommended that everyone receive at least one acupuncture treatment each month or four treatments a season. It is simply a healthy thing to do.

Patient Advisory To Consult a Physician

While Traditional Chinese medicine has a great deal to offer as a healthcare system, it cannot completely replace the resources available through conventional Western medical practices. Consequently, we recommend that you consult a physician regarding any condition(s) for which you are seeking from the office of Acupuncture Tradition.
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