We are blessed to have a medical practitioner in our community who possesses not only many years of excellent training and experience, but also generations of knowledge passed down through her immediate family of Chinese Acupuncturists. As a result of that influence, Jennifer Hoang has the ability to intrinsically understand the flow of energy to release, heal, and regenerate the human body. Her diagnostic abilities and her knowledge of Chinese herbs for the continuing treatment of ailments are to be commended.

My personal experience is that Jennifer is not only professional in practice and manner, but also warm and comforting in times of need. She is able to explain to her patients the procedures that she chooses and how they affect the body.

I have had many treatments for different ailments over the years. Some only require one or two treatments, other ailments required more intensive treatment over a period of time. I have always walked out of Jennifer Hoang's office with the feeling of well being and that I am in very capable and proficient hands. 
I have highly recommended Jennifer Hoang to friends and associates in need of medical attention; all of whom share the same reverence for her abilities, and some of whom were unable to be diagnosed through traditional western medicine.

-Diane Lieberwitz
 Hampton Bays, NY

After the loss of a close friend my colitis was reactivated. Being on so many pills to control my seizure disorder I decided to find an acupuncturist knowing that the energy in my whole body needed balancing. I found Jennifer Hoang online and was quite impressed with what other patients had to say about her. Well I must add that her knowledge and sincere compassion join beautifully. Just walking into her office and being greeted with her gentle smile makes you feel at home. I've always known that acupuncture treats you as a complete person and isn't aimed just at removing symptoms. My colitis has ceased and I'm so grateful that I don't have to take more pills. I feel great and know that my continued treatments are working on my other disorder that has been with me for over forty-five years.

Thank you Jennifer,
-Tony Fontana

“Jennifer has become the first person my husband and I call when we are not feeling well. She has successfully treated my husband for allergies to the point that he requires no medication -- only natural supplements. He is healtIhier today than he has been in years. When my son developed a raging case of poison ivy, her simple (and natural) remedy alleviated his discomfort and aided his healing. She has greatly helped me from hormonal issues, to neck and back pain. Her knowledge of dietary and nutritional ways to aid each patient's issues is outstanding. She has a healthy respect for medicine, and yet can give patients a natural recourse to encourage the body to heal itself before going the chemical/anitbiotic route. I highly recommend her.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

-Dina Grasso Isola

"Jennifer is an outstanding acupuncturist. She has a gift for truly listening. She is deeply knowledgeable and intuitive. I continue to work with her in a regular basis for my health concerns and can say that her treatments have brought me improved quality of life. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their health.”"

- Jenn Paolino

"Jennifer Hoang is kind, gentle and beautifully intuitive. It is these qualities along with her expertise as an acupuncturist, that helped me during a very vulnerable time in my life. Jennifer was there for me, to heal my body with her gentle touch and tend to my soul with her insights and compassion. She has that rare gift of being a true healer."

- Judith Wendell, Sacred Currents, Feng Shui Advisory & Design

"I like to say Jennifer Hoang saved my life, or at least my arms. I am a writer and I had a severe outbreak of tendonitis and carpal tunnel in both arms. I was in the middle of an important writing assignment and I found myself practically paralyzed. I couldn't type. I could barely brush my teeth or lift anything more than 2 pounds.

I went to several doctors who practiced Western medicine. All seemed clueless about my situation. I was given cortisone shots and painkillers, but nothing seemed to work. Even physical therapy provided little relief. I was so frustrated that I was in tears every night. Even the arm braces that I slept in did nothing to relieve the pain.

Jennifer was the first medical professional who gave me hope. With Jennifer's acupuncture treatments, the herbs she recommended, and her advice about diet, I began to get relief finally. Prior to meeting Jennifer, I thought I would be living with this disability for the rest of my life. But two months after beginning treatment with her, I was able to manage the problem and live without constant pain.

Jennifer is a consummate professional who does not give up until she helps you get to the bottom of the problem. I am extremely grateful to Jennifer for helping me get healthy after a very scary ordeal. I give her the highest possible recommendation."

- Lisa Jones Brown, Writer, New York City

“I found Jennifer Hoang on a desperate search for medical/health assistance for my three-year-old son, Robbie, who had been chronically ill with viruses and flues over the course of several months that winter. After many visits to my pediatrician, receiving the same recommendation to give my son alternate doses of Tylenol and Motrin - 24/7, I realized this was not helping him as his fevers became more and more severe as the weeks went on. Desperate for treatment that would effectively resolve my son's illness and concerned about the side effects of continuous doses of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen; I took the advice of a friend and reached out to Jennifer. When I contacted Jennifer, she took me in immediately. Jennifer was extremely kind, gentle and patient with Robbie. Through gentle coaxing and distractions, Jennifer had treated Robbie with acupuncture and massage and brought his fever down from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 101. With the additional assistance of some Chinese herbs, Robbie's temperature was back to normal by the following morning and he was free of the virus and flue for the rest of the year. Robbie is now seven years old and has not had an extended bout of the flue or virus again. On rare occasions when Robbie and I can't fight an illness on our own, I count on Jennifer for assistance in treating us with acupuncture and Chinese herbs and always experience effective results. As a poised proffessional with vast knowledge and a deep understanding of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, I highly recommend Jennifer to effectively treat any young child or adult." 

-Dedicated Patient Michelle Scotti

"Thank you for thatwonderful acupuncture and massage that you gave my back and shoulder last week. Before your treatment I could barely stand up straight and could not find a comfortable position. After the magic you performed I had pain free nights sleep. A week later my shoulder is still mostly free of pain. Also thank you for being such a caring practitioner."

- Nettie S., Retired Nurse, Huntington NY

"Jennifer is an incredible healer and practitioner. I have been treated by Jennifer for many years for various reasons ranging from stress to an irregular menstrual cycle to sports-related injuries. I have never felt better than after one of her treatments. Her kind and calm spirit combined with her expertise and enormous knowledge of this Eastern Tradition has made my experiences with her nothing less than exceptional."

- Corinne Craig, 22 yrs old, Graduate Student at Columbia University, NYC

"I truly miss my weekly tune up with Jennifer, since she relocated her practice from New York City to Port Jefferson. Her treatments were a source of peace and rejuvenation that kept my systems strong and in balance.

She has a warm touch and extensive knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine. Being an acupuncturist myself, I have found her treatments exceptional and deeply healing!"

- Kimberly Salshutz, Acupuncturist and Reiki practitioner, Manhattan NY

"Jennifer was the first acupuncturist I went to. I had very acute sciatica and nothing had helped. Even though I was very sensitive to needles and a bit frightened she made me feel comfortable. Her treatments cured me of my problem. As a yoga therapist I have referred clients of mine to her for a large variety of conditions. Go see her!"

- Brandt, Yoga Therapist, Manhattan NY

"You are the only acupuncturist that in the almost ten years I am doing this has been able to get rid of my issues 100%, anyone else I ever tried was only able to help me heal 20% at the most. I tell everyone all the time ...;)"

- Akos, Professional Photographer, NYC

"I now consider Jennifer Hoang my primary care physician. She is the first clinician I seek for advice if I am having a symptom of poor health. I trust Jennifer to diagnose my condition and provide effective treatment or to refer me if she judges that my condition requires another practitioner. In addition and unlike care from an allopathic or osteopathic physician, Jennifer is improving my overall health and well-being, not simply treating symptoms."

Karen, MPH, PHD, Professor of Public Health, SUNY Stony Brook Health Science Center

"Afraid of needles and doubting that acupuncture actually worked, I went to Jennifer as a last resort. I am a graphic designer and my right thumb was frozen with arthritis. It made working on the computer awkward and painful. After several treatments the flexibility came back to my thumb and it was pain free. That made me a believer! Now I go to Jennifer for 'general tune-ups' for my whole body because I know her treatments and her advice keep me flexible and healthy. Jennifer's gentleness, her knowledge and her experience make her a true and gifted healer."

- Richard Darby, Graphic Designer, AfterHours Web & Graphic Design
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