Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated
Acupuncture is highly effective in alleviating a variety of conditions including:
Pediatric (allergies, ADD/ADHD, Gastro-intestinal, mood disorders) – with or without needles
Women's Health (PMS, Menstrual pain, menopausal syndrome, menstrual irregularity, etc.)
Men's Health (Stress, ED, etc.)their family physician for a diagnosis prior to treatment.
  • Spine health (neck to tail alignment issues, muscle spasms, etc.
  • Immune system balance (allergies, hay fever, etc.)
  • Pregnancy health/morning sickness
  • Emotional ​Health​ (anxiety, stress, depression, etc.)
  • Respiratory health (asthma, sinus conditions, chronic/stubborn conditions, etc.)
  • Gastro-intestinal health (constipation, reflux, IBS, etc.)
  • ​Overall health (fatigue, frequent colds, unmotivated, etc.)​
  • Pain management: Aches & pains (neck, shoulders, back, knees, TMJ, menstrual cramps, sports Injuries,headaches/migraines, etc.)Addictions (food and cigarettes)
  • Focus/writer’s block/ADD/ADHD
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Fatigue, insomnia
  • Pre/Post operative recovery
  • Skin health/acne/psoriasis

Acupuncture often is able to treat conditions that are either ​NOT ​diagnosable by the conventional Western doctors or those that are stubborn or chronic.
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